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Office Area

STI’s organization is set up as a network of extensive, spacious offices that are equipped with the latest technology. Of course, having the benefits of great space and equipment means that our work becomes even more extraordinarily high-quality and precise. This dynamic work environment can hold up to 250 of our professionals, where together they tackle challenges head on and thrive off of each other’s creative energy.

Systems and Servers

At STI, we take every necessary steps in order to keep your information and projects safe and sound. For our Print Development and Web Development, we have a Server Backup process that ensures nothing will be lost due to technological glitches that naturally arise from time to time, unexpectedly. We also use an exchange server that allows us to further cater to your needs. These backup systems and servers are part of the latest technology and software that help us foster an environment where unique solutions surface and really impress our clients.


We believe that good communication is an integral part of any solid, productive relationship. We focus on smooth, two-way and face-to-face communication. This doesn’t mean our clients have to be burdened to come into an office in person every time they need to express a concern or give us information; we use specific software like VIACK and online face time programs to make close communication possible. Of course, we also use traditional telephone and email correspondence, which is usually quite effective as well. The main point is that we do communicate and stress the importance of being open with each other.


We believe that flexibility and remaining technically updated is the key to success. Use of credible and latest technology helps us to produce the best of our ability.