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We at STI adhere to a series of well-planned steps to initiate a project, manage it competently, and then finally deliver the finished product beyond our clients’ expectations. Furthermore, our work with clients does not end here, when the project has been delivered. We remain in touch with our customers, helping them make updates and enhancements. Our approach is one of fostering real relationships that will last and grow.

The Project Development Life Cycle at STI-CS is divided into three different phases, as you’ll find listed below. We have been able to condense the process neatly into these phases through years of practical experience, reflection, and experimentation:  

  • Project Initiation
  • Project Implementation
  • Deployment support

Learn more about our three-phase process below:

Project Initiation

In this first phase, the client seeks STI for its services, and we open ourselves up to get to know the client well as both his/her business and as an individual(s). We move on to observe and analyze the client’s website situation, their business, their current methods, and their goals. We propose a few possible plans of action for the client to consider, continuing to narrow everything down until we’ve found a custom, agreeable solution for everyone. The diagram below clarifies the cycle which ends with the acceptance of the "Project Scope of Work" and "Project Quote" by the client.

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Project Implementation

The most vital part of the project development life cycle, "Project implementation" requires the active involvement of people from different divisions. We call on our project coordinators, developers, designers, quality analysts, and even the client, who has an extensive role to play at this phase of project development. When everyone works together and keeps the lines of communication flowing, the project begins to blossom brilliantly. Again, see the link below for a visual of the development cycle.

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Deployment Support

Sometimes clients may not be confident that the finished project is suitable to be plugged into their current business model. It’s not that the project went awry, but their business simply may be a little bit behind the new developments. This is understandable and workable! STI-cs ensures continued support of our clients to deploy the product into their business environment, providing coaching, insights, and practical steps that will help you bring new life to your business. This support will greatly vary from client to client. It can be technical, practical aid, or it can be simple telephone conversations that answer questions or give explanation.