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Talent Pool


Good, quality work comes from a good, quality workforce, just as you need high-quality grapes to make excellent wine. That being said, STI is specific and discerning when it comes to hiring the best personnel and professionals for our teams, because they bring out the best results for our clients. Every project we undertake goes through the master strokes of the design team, the eagle-eyes of the quality team, and finally, the project is completed, sent off by the delivery team to thrive on its own. Overall, we are a compelling team of the finest caliber, ready to perform to the utmost of our abilities.


The Creative Services team of STI is a rich clan of versatile artists, visualizers, developers, and managers. Ironically, one aspect that brings all of us together—beyond the fact that we are creative and seeking to enhance your website’s design—is that we all cross-specialize in different creative domains. We certainly each have our own expertise, but we also have knowledge and decent capabilities in other related areas. We have designers, for example, who are also adept in sound editing; or we have managers who can give any professional photographer a run for his money; or project coordinators who can transform into designers or developers if needed. Everyone has multiple talents and were specifically recruited to work with STI because of that. Together, we are all able to creatively brainstorm in whatever department we happen to be in. We are able to help each other out and ease the work load off of another’s shoulders if need be. STI is able to meet and usually exceed our clients’ expectations because we have such a strongly-woven team of creative professionals.


As mentioned above, STI brings a team of professionals who are each individually experienced in his or her domain, but who also are experienced in multiple areas. This invigorates our structure with more strength and fresh perspectives as our employees can analyze situations with educated viewpoints, no matter where they stand. What’s more, our team is dedicated and consistently sharpens their skills so that we move toward perfection. With more than a million production hours of experience in design, development, and project management, we are energized from our success and work, and are ready for more. We invite you to become one of our success stories!