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Brand Management


As part of complete website and client company optimization, STI also offers a collection of brand management services to its customers. For those seeking to optimize their existing brand management practices or those seeking to develop and test even more powerful brand-building methodologies, we have the expertise to guide you in doing so. Project after project has shown that success with STI is proven. When you consider that our standards for product brand development are consistently among the highest out there, it’s easy to see how we perform as effectively and efficiently as we do. This ingenuity and discipline ensures a fast time-to-market.

There are five basic rules of thumb that we follow for brand management, described below:

  • Initiating – We review your existing product brand development procedures. From there, we assess their effectiveness so we can begin brainstorming additional ideas for a new product brand launch to come.
  • Planning – We take time to thoroughly analyze and interpret the reasons for a given product launch strategy that we are considering for your brand. This allows us to determine if our initial plan is right for you, and we thus modify it if necessary. STI is sure to develop a practical timeline that takes all costs and resources into account.
  • Executing – This phase is pretty self-explanatory. We enact the new processes with you, side-by-side, keeping lines of communication open in case last minute changes need to be made. We simply put your plan into action, implementing the positive new ideas.
  • Controlling – Controlling is important and occurs at all phases of the brand development process. However, it becomes most crucial during the execution of the plan and the monitoring that will happen afterward. We are sure to assess and address any risks involved with the implementation, and then we correct any errors that may have arisen during the work.
  • Closing – This is the time where we go through all of the subtleties of the project before going live with the new brand management, launching it to the public. There may be very little to do at this stage, but we never overlook or assume anything. You are guaranteed meticulousness and careful attention from start to finish.


Brand Identity

Your company’s brand may be an abstract symbol or representation, but it is a very important aspect of your physical product; the product brand becomes another real part of the product, and it can be the single-most important distinguishing factor from other similar products that will encourage customers to choose your offerings rather than another company’s offerings. It often takes time for your brand name to grow and enter public awareness, but once it’s out there, well-known, catchy, and well-liked, it will increase your sales markedly. Brands create their own value. Sure, they ultimately need to be linked with some product or group, but you could technically create a “name” and a distinct style, you could talk about it, market it, and thus move people to identify with it—even if it’s only with the abstract name! So it follows that when there is a good product behind a good brand—as in most of the companies—you can watch, as your sales greatly improve.

At STI, we have yet another dedicated team of professionals—branding professionals, in this area—who will help you to create your own brand to enhance your company’s performance. Over time, we will also help you add value to your brand through strategic marketing techniques and campaigns.

You will most distinctly see the success brought by our work when we help a company launch a new product. We start with extensive market research and analysis. Then we recommend a suitable look and feel for your company, your product, and your target population of customers. STI will advise color schemes, patterns, names, and a host of other related issues that will aid in the solid establishment of a new product brand.

Web Marketing

Electronic commerce, or “e-commerce,” as most of us know, is thriving in today’s society. Widespread Internet use has opened up online markets for buying and selling goods, and has made it a great success. You can buy and sell from anywhere in the world, to anyone in the world, all through electronic means.

Marketing, however, can be a little tricky in the e-commerce world. Once your website or service catches hold to a wide customer-base, you’ll find that the word spreads fast. But until then, it can be pretty sluggish. Because your e-product might not pertain to local people in your physical area, word-of-mouth or traditional marketing tactics aren’t always the best approaches to gaining publicity. That being said, STI can help you focus your attention on your “brand value” instead. We can improve the value of your brand through specific online marketing methods—successfully tested time and again. This will increase the traffic to your website, where your e-commerce is taking place. Everything you need to get started and/or enhance the sale of physical and digital goods over the Internet will be found with us at STI.

As always, we will assess and interpret your current set up. We will then take logical, intelligent steps to form a great “Catalog” that you’ll see on the front end of your site, and will guide you in using and understanding the back end “Administration Tool” so you can handle your e-commerce data. You’ll be able to manage your transactions and money transfers with security and structure when you choose STI for your web marketing needs.

Trades & Exhibits

Tradeshows, exhibitions, and promotional events can really boost a company’s success, especially if they are experiencing a dry spell. The visibility and marketing that results at tradeshows and exhibitions is remarkable, because the company can stay in one place as constant large flows of people come through.

STI can handle the responsibilities and work involved with designing all types of print collaterals such as signs, cards, brochures, flyers, and leaflets. We can even help you introduce your brand name at a strategic event like these. We are skilled enough to know, additionally, that there is an intriguing aspect of conducting tradeshows and exhibitions where the company’s brand identity can be used to build a separate (though related) brand for the whole event itself! We work proficiently in order to create the event with its own theme and brand value, but also with the company’s image still retained, still present in the marketing.

STI also offers promotional material services for related events such as annual commemorations, award shows, promotional banquets or dinners, and more. Or, if you have a unique idea for an event and would like designs and signs made up, please contact us and we can discuss the wide range of opportunities available to you!

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