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Media Development


We further demonstrate our well-roundedness in the field of web development with our media development capabilities, which are both unique and cutting-edge. Your media will be developed and assess from brainstorming, to website layout and design, to changes and additions, until we’ve settled on something perfect for your company—a process that ensures an amazing online presence. STI’s diverse skill and knowledge set means that you’ll be able to stand out from the rest of your competitors with vibrant, interesting presentations of your brand.

Below, you’ll find our media development services categorized into different core categories.

Flash Development

Flash animations, which are completed with the Adobe Flash program or similar software, are highly effective uses of media that can get your message across succinctly and in an engaging manner. However, if Flash is used incorrectly, your audience may lose interest. So that being said, it’s very important to have a team of STI professionals helping you form the best Flash products you can. Our Flash developers will use years of practical experience creating rich media content to add colorful animations and interactive features to your website that will not distract, but will rather attract your target audience.

You can access the following integral Flash services from STI immediately:

  • Flash Website Design
  • Flash Banner Design
  • Flash Template Design
  • Flash Streaming Audio / Video Player
  • Flash Scripting (AS2, AS3)
  • Rich Internet Applications Development
  • 2D Character Animation
  • 3D Character Animation
  • XML Integration
  • Flash Games
  • ActionScript Programming
  • Flash Logo Design

Our Flash-based application developments can be hosted on the Internet, or they can stand alone as their own applications. More specifically, some of the approaches we use to enact our Flash work are through interactive product catalogues, computer simulations, CD authoring, Ad-banners, and more from the above-listed domains. We also are sure to use the latest versions of programming languages, such as ActionScript, which allows for more control and code reusability for more complex Flash applications. STI also employs other more conventional, tried and true designing software like Photoshop and AI. With these combinations, we can offer a well-balanced and attractive method to you, our clients.  

Content Management

Some websites require frequent content changes, such as regularly updated “news” sections or blog posts. If you have a website that falls into this category, you may want to consult with STI about its services in back-end Content Management Systems (or, CMS).

In the current online market, good content management is becoming valued, and can really enhance the way your website is perceived, as well as how much consistent traffic you’ll attract to it. With our content management systems, you’ll easily be able to edit, update, archive, and monitor content as regularly as you’d like—giving both regular and occasional visitors to the site a fresh look that keeps them intrigued and coming back.

For content management, STI’s creative group teams up with our organization’s software group to offer dynamic, customized solutions for websites that need a beautiful front end, as well as a powerful and flexible back end. Whether you simply need greater ease with updating your “news” sections, or if you want to change your entire sitemap, we will be able to provide you with what it takes to satisfy your requests. Our CMS software utilizes some of the top systems out there, such as open-source software like Joomla, Wordpress and also STI’s customized CMS.

With great CMS and other media management, your website will be renovated into one of notability for the way it effortlessly is conducted, the way it charms visitors with tactful interactivities, and the way it delivers relevant, fresh content on a regular basis.  

To know more about our flash website designing services and content management systems Contact us or call us at 248 522 6218