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STI has become a pioneer in the field of online graphic and print designs. Our services span the following areas:

Online Brochures Website Design :

Brochure websites are a quick and attractive display of what you do, or what your company does, telling potential customers what you have to offer and why they should want to contract you. Our brochure website designs are specific for your individual purposes. We can also direct you in maintaining your content and appearance online through simple steps and with the use of our understandable software. The size of your company doesn’t determine how high-quality your website will turn out; with STI, even the smallest business—or individual—websites will be given the time and careful attention it needs to blossom and create a successful online presence.

Online Business card Website Design :

Many people have never heard of a business card website, although almost anyone will benefit from having one. These websites can be defined as a one or two page starter website which announces the launch of a new service. STI will help you design this type of website, and will add further value to your design because we have access to and experience with so many other types of multimedia. We are your one-stop company for all things software and creative online. Our business card website services also include options for main website design, banners, flyers, logos, and leaflets. By coming to one main location, you’ll be able to attain a level of coherence within your brand that would not be possible if you had to seek different businesses for different aspects of your web designs. STI is central and able.

We also offer customized website designing for the following:

  • Online T-Shirt Printing Application Software: STI has developed a user-friendly online t-shirt printing application software for This software allows customers to design and develop their own custom t-shirts and place their orders online easily and conveniently. The software allows the user to choose the color of their custom t-shirt, add text to the shirt, and add any images they would like. As the customer is adding these elements, there is a preview of the t-shirt right on the website so the customer can see exactly what their shirt will look like when it is delivered. After designing the custom shirt, the customer can then place their order directly on the site using the t-shirt application.
  • Online Trophy Design: STI also developed a way for customers to design their own trophies online. There are a variety of reasons a person might need a custom trophy. Many times small sports leagues would like to provide their players or winners with a custom trophy at the end of the season. Other times companies would like to present their sales people with awards at the end of a busy sales season. With the application developed by STI, these customers can design game trophies and crystal trophies that can be customized to include specific names and dates.
  • Online Medals, Awards, Plaques Design: Many customers think that a trophy is too old-fashioned or predictable, and many would like to provide their players or participants with awards, medals, or plaques. STI developed a piece of software that gives Tivoli Promotions’ customers the ability to create their own unique awards. Using the software, customers can choose from more than 20 different premade medal designs, five different custom awards, and six different types of plaques. The site’s visitors can choose their favorite award, trophy, or medal before adding names and titles to the pieces to customize them. The products can then be ordered directly on the site.
  • Online Ballstar/Photo Design Ball: Ballstar photo design balls and charms are a unique and different way for any person to commemorate a special event. These adorable balls and charms come in a variety of different sports balls and charms like baby blocks. STI developed a piece of software that allows a customer to choose a ball or charm, add a special message, and then order the piece directly from Trivoli Promotions’ site.

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